Be it a wig, a hat or her real hair! The limits of what Cher puts on her head know no bounds.

Poor Winona Ryder caught up in the nude/naked photo scandal, here she is in better days with Cher in Mermaids

Nicholas Sprackman for Cher Hair

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People Magazine‘s “Celebrity Transformations Special Edition 2009″ confused Chad with the real Cher and included his image in a photo montage depicting Cher’s changing looks through the decades.

Great, Chad works Cher so well.

Nic Sprackman for Cher Hair

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Cher was the first person to bare their belly button on National TV, the censors would come every week to check what she wore on the Sonny and Cher or her Solo Cher show.  To think baring the belly button was such a shock when now we see so much more nudity and nude celebs.

Nic Sprackman for Cher Hair

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Nic Sprackman for CherHair

This Bob Mackie Gown, was worn to Met Ball in the 70s and also was worn on the Cover of Time Magazine. In the deep south the cover was ripped off, deemed to rude as the dress gave an appearance of Cher being naked and covered in beads and feathers. 

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